Hospital Education and Art Program (H.E.Art)

Children who are admitted in hospital for short and long periods of time are not only affected by the medical circumstances that make them experience anxiety, anger, and helplessness, but they are also disadvantaged by their inability to continue their normal life which includes attending school and playing with friends. Malawi’s 4 referral hospitals admit about 22000 children each, per year. The average length of stay for these children is 32 days. Children who stay for longer periods of time or have multiple hospitalization usually need to repeat a term or even the whole year of school. In the worst case, some from low socio-economic status do not even return to school to finish their education. Currently the dropout rate due to hospitalization and other socio-economic factors is at 32% in Malawi. Hospitalized children make up special learners that need education and emotional support.

Our Approach

Fount for Nations has been running hospital school programs since September 2016. The School provides familiar activities like creative arts, academic lessons and organised play in an environment that is often unfamiliar for sick children. This gives children and their guardians opportunities to be creative and productive, while maintaining a sense of identity and hope. Our HEArt programs offer Academic sessions, Play Therapy sessions and Guardian sessions in a group setting or at bedside, as medically appropriate.

Special attention is given to those patients whose hospital stay will exceed 10 days, who have special educational needs, who have chronic illnesses and visit the hospital frequently, or who have missed school prior to hospitalization.

H.E.Art Goals

  1. Use the hospital stay as a positive event.
  2. Provide educational activities for all school-age patients, in the classroom or at bedside, taking into account their medical condition
  3. Smoothen the transition from hospital to school for parent and child.
  4. Set up Homebound Services for those patients who cannot return to school upon discharge from the hospital

The hospital schools are open every day, Monday - Friday from 8:30 – 4 pm.


8986 children

88% of the children showed reduced anxiety and improved happiness.

3 years of operation,
3 regions

8 centers,
footprint in 40 villages

people reached

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